A self taught video essayist, when inspired by the work of Tony Zhou's "Every Frame a Painting" launched my own YouTube channel in late 2014, and began posting regular content in the Spring of the following year. Combining a lifelong passion for the visual arts and an affinity for all aspects of the creative process that involves a wide array of disciplines including video editing, graphic design, writing, with a little bit of animation.

 The goal from the start was to better inform an audience of the many different pieces of film or television that work together to create the experiences we all know and love. Whether that's exploring the visceral sound design of a film, or how a television show successfully develops its characters, I have sought a deeper understanding of cinematic literacy with every video essay.

 To date, Film Radar has garnered attention from viewers all over the world, my work has been viewed over 1,750,000 times and shared all over the web, gaining over 48,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel. 

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